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A Glance Into The Past:
Journey Of Photography In Mewar

The earliest reference to the Camera in Mewar was found in the work of Col. James Tod, the British Political Agent in Udaipur. In his interactions with the then heir of Mewar, Kunwar Amar Singh, son of Maharana Bheem Singh (r. 1778-1828 CE), the Camera Obscura, a device that Col. James Tod had brought along with him, was explored. Expeditiously the Camera and Photography gained immense popularity across India and within The Mewar Family.

It subsequently reached out to include not only the nobility but also a larger group of diverse local communities. This online exhibition forms a part of a larger exhibition, on display, at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur where it captures the transient journey of photography in Mewar, including the evolution in its techniques.

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